Employment Forms

Have you completed the application process?  Have you been recommended for employment?

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We have some additional employment paperwork that will need to be completed. As a condition of employment, Triad Board of Education Policy, State and/or Federal mandates require the completion of the following documents prior to being presented to the Triad Board of Education.

Fingerprint scans are done between 8:00 and 4:00 p.m. at the Madison County ROE (Regional Office of Education) in Edwardsville at 157 N. Main Street (next to the Court House). If you need further information, you may contact Andrew Reinking at the ROE at 296-4530.

Below is a list of required forms according to the employment category which you have been recommended for employment to the Board of Education:

Certified Employees
17 Item(s)

Non-Certified Employees
14 Item(s)